We don’t specialize in regions or industries or investment stages. We focus on people.

In its first incarnation, Libertad was a market entry consultancy, helping US and European start ups enter the attractive but seemingly impenetrable Japanese market. We also helped some Japanese companies trying to go overseas.

Libertad has worked with some big names that some of you will still recognize, and we’ve worked with some companies that no longer exist (we hope through no fault of our own).

For some, we were able to deliver strong results that still show today. For others, we failed to deliver everything we hoped to. But through it all, we learned a lot, met a lot of people, and developed some insights about emerging technologies and how they can change our world. 

Market Entry - Acted as Strategic Advisor to

Investment Advisory - Arranged Investments in


Building an Asian Operation - Acted as Strategic Advisor & Asia Execution Team to

M&A Support - Introduced Acquisition Targets to

M&A Advisory - Arranged the acquisition of a Sri Lankan logistics company by a Japanese logistics company

Business Development - Acted as Project Manager to


on its Payment Services Business, Launched Media, Consumer Electronics, and Toys Businesses, and Managed Online Marketing

Global Expansion Advisory - Acted as Strategic Investment Advisor to

Building a Japan Business - Acted as Strategic Advisor & Japan Execution Team to