Think of us as a like-minded collective - seeking to do well by doing good.

Libertad is loosely centered in Tokyo, Japan, but with affiliated centers in Africa, China, Europe, and the US.

Think of us as a like-minded collective - we are bound by our genuine affection for one another, and a code of doing well by doing good. Our shared values and common vision is that the world is full of wonder, and our short lives are best lived in an effort to dampen its horrors and increase its joys.

Libertad doesn’t neatly fit into any category - consulting company, investment fund, start up incubator or design agency. That’s because we believe these constructs are becoming obsolete and increasingly out of touch with the realities of today and tomorrow.

Yesterday, the world was split into countries, into East and West, or North and South. The haves pitched against the have nots. The powerful versus the meek. We choose to reject all that, and believe passionately that there is more that binds us together than separates us.

Libertad seeks to bridge us all back together, and allow us to each contribute what we can to build meaningful solutions that have a positive impact on ourselves, our customers, and the societies in which we live.